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16 August 2012 @ 01:36 pm
This journal is
Somewhat Friends Only

Which means that all entries made in Finnish (RL stuff) are locked,
and while the English entries (fandom stuff) are most likely not locked, some will be locked.

If you want to be friends, please, introduce yourself. I'm not big on random adds.

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Sometimes I think I'm not cut out to be a writer. I'm really bad at dealing with the stress and my nerves tend to get the better off me. Every time I post a fic, I feel like jumping off a cliff because I'm sure everyone will hate it, even though I've never gotten anything but positive feedback for the things I've written. Sometimes I feel like writing fic isn't worth all this stress and have gone long periods without writing anything, but lately I've been so consumed by inspiration that not writing just hasn't been an option.

Still, inspiration isn't everything and writing certainly doesn't feel easy to me. More often than not it's about having to force myself to write even if I feel like everything I do is crap. I don't know... I think I'd like to be published one day, but I'm not sure I'd survive the amount of stress and self-doubts that would bring forth.

Well, anyways. Enough of writer's angst. I finally managed to finish the first chapter to that Derek/Stiles/Jackson thing I've been working on. I'm not sure how it'll end up, but for now, I'm just happy that I got it started. Been working on a couple of other fics as well, so I guess I'm past that writer's block for now.

In other news, I got to watching The Walking Dead and despite most of the characters driving me up the wall, I quite like it. Season 1 was much better than the current one, but there's been some great scenes on S2 as well. Oddly enough, I don't really ship anything in the series (except maybe Daryl and his crossbow), which is pretty rare when it comes to me and the shows I watch. I'm actually a bit surprised that I haven't fallen into shipping Rick/Shane yet because on paper that's exactly the kind of ship that I prefer: two alpha males with a long history and plenty of trust issues. Throw in some occasional brawling and making-up afterwards... Yeah, just reading that makes me want to jump all over the ship, but there's just something about Shane that turns me off when I watch the show. He's a bastard, and not in a way that I like. I'm thinking of picking up the comics from the library, I've been hearing lots of good things about them and with the way the show's been handling the characters, I think it might be a big improvement.

Lastly, I finally gave in to my cravings and started re-reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Am currently halfway through book 4 and loving the hell out of all the V/Butch scenes. OTP forever~~♥ I'll write more about them later, they deserve a post of their own.
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23 January 2012 @ 09:41 pm
aka Stuff That Happens When I Declare A Tumblr Ban On Myself To Get Some Writing Done And Then Don't Write.

I've had some RL stuff going on that's been taking up a lot of head space and I needed some escapism. So, I watched S1 of Suits.Collapse )

Enough ranting, I guess? I should get back to writing, but I have a feeling I'm going to make a detour through S3 of White Collar before that happens...

(I really miss Tumblr though, life is so empty without its shininess)
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08 January 2012 @ 06:02 pm
So, vacation's over and I'm back to work. Funny how that less-than-two-weeks of freedom cheered me up, I guess I was more stressed than I thought, huh? It was great to see friends & family over the holidays and best of all, of course, was the week we spent in Amsterdam.

It's only been a year since my first trip there, but I'd already forgotten how incredible the city is. The atmosphere there is just awesome, there's no place like it. The perfect vacation in the pirate city, I doubt I could ever get tired of that place. ♥ We didn't do much anything special, since we already visited the sights we wanted to see last time Boyfriend and I went there, so we pretty much just strolled up and down the streets and enjoyed the scenery (trust me, that's a legit way to spend your time in the city in question).

Oh, and it was nice to meet up with indigobeads and kiiltomatolyhty while we were there! We had dinner at an amazing teppanyaki restaurant, delicious stuff~ I think that's the first time since the trip to Japan that I've gotten to eat exactly as much sushi as I wanted, and damn it was nice. Hopefully we'll see you guys again when you come back to Finland!

Teen Wolf is always related, but I'll put the fandom ramblings behind the cut...Collapse )
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Got myself a paid account so I could change the layout of my lj. I've been using the free account for a year or something, but I never could get used to seeing the ads, so now everything feels like it's back to normal~

...Yeah, as you can see, the Teen Wolf obsession continues to run my life. I thought that after NaNoWriMo's 50k, I'd be pretty sick of it, but I think it only made things worse. Ah well. Not like I'd rather be obsessed with something else, as TW is pretty awesome. NGGH S2 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME WHY ISN'T IT JUNE YET?

This vid. ♥

Oh, and finally got myself an AO3 account! I'm using the same name there, but here's a link. I'm still going to continue posting fics to vesipeto, but hey, more exposure won't hurt.
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